Can I use my insurance?
Dr. Richter is a preferred provider for Premera Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, United HealthCare, Regence Blue Shield, First Choice, Molina, Kaiser Permanente PPO and LifeWise. We can check your insurance benefits and submit the insurance claim for in-network and out-of-network insurance carriers.

If paying cash at the time of service there is a 25% discount on exams and office visits. Procedures requiring an exam prior to administration will have an extra cost for the exam. Some injection therapies ​may also require lab work.

General Practice

  • Comprehensive Exams/Visits (60-90 minute visit) $350.00 This is usually your first visit.
  • Abbreviated visits (15-60 minute visit) $77-$295.00These visits are intended for follow up visits.
  • Wellness/Annual Exams $141-$270.00 (based on length of visit and complexity)-Includes back to school exams, sports exams, gynecological exams, physicals
  • Acute Illness/Injury visits $77-$195.00
  • TELEMEDICINE Visits-Due to COVID-19, these visits now have insurance coverage, billed the same as office visit


  • Food Allergy Testing $159-$300.00
  • Adrenal Stress Index Testing-$150.00
  • Hormone Testing-This includes Female hormone panels for pre, peri and post menopause and male hormone panels – $30-$330.00
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Nutrient Testing
  • Venipuncture (Blood draws) $20.00-You don’t have to go to a separate facility to have blood drawn.
  • Macroscopic Urinalysis $10.00
  • SIBO testing-100.00
  • Comprehensive Stool Analysis-$171-$379.00
  • DUTCH test-$80-$500
  • Acute illness testing-Strep tests, Mono tests, Flu tests
  • Routine yearly blood work

Injection therapy
​1 B-12 injections $20.00
2 B-12/B-Complex injections $25.00. Packages available-ask front desk staff about specials.
3 Pain relief intramuscular injections 1-2 muscles $100-This service requires an exam before administration with added charge
4 Pain relief intramuscular injection 3+ muscles $150-This service requires an exam before administration with added charge
5 Pain relief intramuscular injections with Traumeel added-$110-$120-This service requires an exam before administration
6 Migraine Injections-$110-$120
1 Supartz (sodium hyaluronate) injections-$255.00 per injection.
2 Vitamin D injections 100,000 IU $40.00
3 Iron Injections-$63.75-$93.75, may also require office visit and labs.
4. Regenerative Medicine Injections 1 Injection $4000, 2 Injections $7000
5. Myer’s Cocktail IV therapy (Vitamins/Minerals)-$200.00
6. Immune Globulin Injection-Gamastan-$200.00
​7. Iron Infusion $250.00